Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Age Nine

 The year it does not matter, what does is the fact that I am nine and I have seen more sex than a woman who is forty! I began to get curios at a very early age. My granny raised and I am very grateful that she did, Had it not been for her I really can't say where I would have been. I had a smart mouth and I knew more about the streets than most adults. I went to the best private schools my granny even lied and had me pretend i was catholic just so i could attend. I learned alot about that religion and to this day i have learned to respect that group of people tremendously. I grew up in the ghettos where we had more roaches than furniture and keep in mind my granny was old so we had a lot of furniture... My life was hard but then again not I had alot but then there was days when all we had was rice to eat. But when we had good days they were great, i had steaks , fancy clothes and all that money could buy, but all of that was only if my granny won big at her favorite sport called gambling.. all these things in my life made me who i am today so I would not trade them at all, looking back I could remember when i would get so mad at God, but I have learned that I do not have to understand God's plan I only have to trust in him, And with that my question to you is what will you believe God for today?

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